Generating over $670,000 in new business…

Generating over $670,000 in new business for under $74,000 is what we did for Narconon drug rehabilitation centers. We produced TV and Radio ads and managed the campaign.

We have a wide range of skills in the area of broadcast productions and marketing. We even directed and produced special projects such as:

Literacy documentary featuring actress Ann Archer

28 minute drug education video and parent’s handbook

Celebrity fund-raisers working with stars like John Travolta, Ted Danson, Kirstie Alley, Willie Gault and others        

Whether you need a TV or Radio commercial or want to drive in more business to your web site, we provide integrated solutions designed to get you results. Our approach will help get new customers for your business and help you stay ahead of your competition. Don’t wait, give us a call.

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Narconon Drug Rehabilitation

“We needed a cost effective approach to our national campaign. As soon as the commercial started airing, the phones were ringing. With your approach we

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“Taking into account the fantastic effect that you have had on our business and the warm feeling from successful promotion that we have experienced here,

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